Maylin Pérez

Curator, advisor and independent art historian based in the Netherlands. Organizes projects and exhibitions for collectors, art institutions and corporations that support the development of culture through art and design. In 2011, Pérez graduated Summa Cum Laude in Art History from the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba. From 2012 until 2015 became curator of Fototeca de Cuba and the Cuban Art Factory. In 2018 Pérez created the foundation Fototeca de Panamá, an organization designed to research and promote local and worldwide photography. She has collaborated with various international institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art from Panama, the Toledo Foundation in Mexico, the Japan Foundation, among others. With advanced experience in contemporary art and museography, working with both established and emerging artists, Pérez assist collectors to build, organize and expand their collection.

Art Advisory

Maylin Pérez offers a comprehensive contemporary art advisory service to private and corporate collectors. After knowing the specific preferences and needs of the client, assists them with research, valuation and acquisition of artworks, inventory, curatorship, design and collection assembly.