Maylin Pérez offers a comprehensive advisory service on modern and contemporary art to private collectors, institutions and corporations. After knowing or formulating the client’s specific preferences and needs, assists them with research, appraisal and acquisition, inventory, curatorship, design and assembly of the collection.


• Valuation report and state of conservation of the pieces, the link within the collection and its connection with contemporary art. Control of authenticity and dating through historical-critical research and scientific analysis. 

 Acquisitions and sales

• Pre-acquisition condition reports

Purchase plans: primary and secondary market (artist, auctions, art fairs, galleries)

• Insurance advice, valuations, transactions, taxes, contract review and storage

Administration: shipping and installations of the artworks


Documentation, installation and collection management

• Collection control status and conservation techniques

Schematic maintenance of the collection

Restoration of the collection

Database management with specific programs

Space design and lighting

• Art installation, including multimedia or monumental works

• Advice on the framing

Assistance to the transportation, export and import of works

• Institutional loan / donation

General evaluations

 Planning and exhibitions design

• Design of collections and exhibitions for public and private spaces, outdoor and indoors, physical and digital.

Collaboration with architectural and urban projects

• Conceptual and operational profile of interdisciplinary projects that contribute to the development of the community and its link with museums, foundations, philantropic organizations and art spaces. 


• Criticism, research and publications on art

Conferences, workshops, lectures, interviews

Educational programs proposal for art institutions

 Art & Travel

• Customized visit art fairs, artists studio and exclusive events that offer a comprehensive client experience